PFLP in Damascus protests for the freedom of Comrade Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners (see photos)


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine held a protest in Damascus in support of Comrade Leader Ahmad Sa'adat, General Secretary of the PFLP, who has been jailed for 2 years by the occupier. The protest, held simultaneously with Comrade Sa'adat's court hearing on November 25, 2008, took place in front of the European Union mission.

The protestors called upon the European Union to uphold its responsibility to support the rights of prisoners, and to work to free Comrade Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners. Comrade Maher al-Taher, Comrade Abu Ahmad Fuad, and Comrade Leila Khaled, members of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, presented a letter to the representative of the EU mission in Damascus. Palestinian intellectuals and writers, including Rashad Abusacor, Awni Sadeq, Mohammed al-Abdullah, and Nidal Hamad Youssufi, participated in the protest, as did Tawfiq Hamad, a representative of the Palestinian Liberation Front.

The protestors carried banners and flags and pictures of Comrade Sa'adat and other prisoners, and chanted slogans of solidarity with the prisoners.