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Shock follows footage of settler running over Palestinian

Shock follows footage of settler running over Palestinian

ارهاب المستوطنين في الخليل المحتلة

مستوطن صهيوني يدهس فلسطيني بسيارته المارسيدس والجنود الصهاينة يتفرجون على الجريمة ..

  ارهاب رعاع وقطعان وحوش ضالة ، ارهاب عنصرية وفاشية وحقد يهودي صهيوني.

فلسطين لن تستعاد بغير الكفاح المسلح الثوري الحقيقي


Shock follows footage of settler running over Palestinian


Published Wednesday 02/12/2009 (updated) 03/12/2009 09:09

Bethlehem - Ma'an/Agencies - An amateur video shocked Palestinians on Tuesday, catching what appeared to be an Israeli settler repeatedly running over a wounded Palestinian at a gas station in Hebron last week.

The Palestinian, an unidentified man shot several times following an alleged knife attack at the station, appeared to be staggering when a silver Mercedes ran him down, stopped, reversed, and ran him over again.

The video was reportedly taken on Thursday, although at the time, Israeli representatives made no mention of the settler's alleged attack, telling reporters only that a Palestinian man had been shot after he stabbed and lightly injured two settlers.

A military spokesman told Ma'an that after the two Israelis were hurt, a soldier shot and injured the Palestinian, who was taken to the Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem. The settler, on the other hand, was released under house arrest.

That evening, a hospital spokeswoman told Ma'an the Palestinian was undergoing surgery for serious wounds, but did not mention he had been run over and trapped under a car. He was transported by an Israeli ambulance, she noted.

What follows is a partial clip from Al-Jazeera. Click here for an uncut version of the same film.

Warning: contains graphic images.

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